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Posted: 2016/12/01 in Thoughts and Wonderings
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I have been thinking the same thing. It may just be that time.

This summer I took a couple weeks off from watching the TV news. The presidential campaign and all its negativity was in full swing, and I must admit – it was nice to take a break.

I had mixed feelings about taking a break from TV news. On the one hand it is good to declutter, and it felt freeing to remove from my purview the cantankerous talk and constant negativity. On the other hand, as a pastor I think I should stay informed, and felt a bit out of the loop.

I wonder how a constant stream of negative media affects our psyche. I realized only a few days into my “break” from watching the TV news how much more positive my view of the world became.

I’m starting to feel the same way about social media. I use Facebook as my social media hub, and find it an…

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I thought this was a good read

Reluctant Xtian

letterHey guys,

I’m going to be a bit transparent and bear my soul for the (electronic) world, but mostly just for you for a minute (though you can’t read yet, but you will one day soon at the rate you guys are going!). I write as your dad. And I do so knowing that not everyone your dad knows will like this letter. But I’m banking on the fact that we can be honest with one another and still be together, right?  That’s what we say, right?

Look, I was disappointed in the election last night.  And not because a party won or lost, but because I really wasn’t sure what to do with the candidate that won.

And now, on the other side of Michigan’s electoral votes, I’m curious about the future, but I can afford to be.  Because our President-Elect (who I now pray for and who will…

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Election 2016

Posted: 2016/11/09 in Thoughts and Wonderings

Manifest Complexity

I want to vote for someone who has been poor.
Someone who has searched for public assistance.
Someone who has come into a church door asking for help.
Someone who has stood at an intersection with a sign that is a plea for survival.

I want to vote for someone who is heartbroken.
Someone who’s son was murdered.
Someone who’s friend was killed for wearing a hoodie.
Someone who’s loved one became a hashtag.

I want to vote for someone who never wanted their name on the ballot.
Someone who’s name was spoken by others but never by themselves.

I want to vote for someone who has lived off food stamps.
Someone who has showed up at a church food pantry.
Someone who has traded medicine for food.

I want to vote for someone who lives grace.
Someone who speaks unity when they have been victimized by division.
Someone who…

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