Walk Dusty

01 Mar

walk-dusty-banner_614x900Walk Dusty…

As we enter March we enter Lent. A time to remember we are dust. A time to put on sackcloth and ashes and contemplate out lives.

Well maybe not. But it is a time for reflection on the sacrifice our savior made for us. The reading for today, Ash Wednesday, from Matthew tells us to practice our piety in secret. To not let our left hand know what our right hand is doing. To not pray in public, to not make it look like we are fasting.

So why am I, and Old Lutheran, saying, Walk Dusty? Shouldn’t we show off our faith?

Well, who or what are we drawing attention to? You see all the things in the Matthew reading draws attention to us. We pray in public for attention and give so others see us and fast so we get noticed for what we are doing.

But it is not about us. When we walk dusty, we remember the sacrifice that Jesus made for us and we step out of the way and allow Him to shine through our dirty lives to give God the glory. Attention is not on us, but on Christ who is the one who lives through us.

In our brokenness, He makes us whole. We journey in our dusty dirty lives stepping out of His way so that He is glorified through our lives.

This Lent I invite you to walk dusty, and live your faith out loud so that God gets the glory!


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