Election 2016

Posted: 2016/11/09 in Thoughts and Wonderings

Manifest Complexity

I want to vote for someone who has been poor.
Someone who has searched for public assistance.
Someone who has come into a church door asking for help.
Someone who has stood at an intersection with a sign that is a plea for survival.

I want to vote for someone who is heartbroken.
Someone who’s son was murdered.
Someone who’s friend was killed for wearing a hoodie.
Someone who’s loved one became a hashtag.

I want to vote for someone who never wanted their name on the ballot.
Someone who’s name was spoken by others but never by themselves.

I want to vote for someone who has lived off food stamps.
Someone who has showed up at a church food pantry.
Someone who has traded medicine for food.

I want to vote for someone who lives grace.
Someone who speaks unity when they have been victimized by division.
Someone who…

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  1. With all due respect, I wouldn’t want to vote for someone who begged for money on the side of the road. The Bible also says in 1 Timothy 3 to have elders that are able to manage their families and have a good reputation. I believe that holds true so much more for someone leading our country and not just our church. I would not hold someone in esteem as my leader if they had no ability to manage their own finances and begged others for money. Just a thought…I know how hard it seems to find a leader in this election that holds the high standards of leadership that are desirable. That is why we need to trust God’s guidance even more over earthly leaders.

    • asacredrebel says:

      I shared this because I thought the concept of someone understanding the systems is who I would want for a leader. And that is true. I have used the system, and know the hassles of paperwork and jumping through hoops and getting all the ts crossed and i-s dotted. For someone who has never done that they have no idea. I think it makes me a better leader. And that had nothing to do with being a good manager, it had all to do with not having enough resources and many of us are 1 pay check away from that.

      But I also see your point. and understand where you are coming from.

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