That could have been me.

21 Jul

Thoughts from a friend that are worth reading!



I don’t have a lot to say about Charles Kinsey’s shooting, but more than feels suitable for a Facebook status. Pardon my language.

Guys, that could have been me.

Do you get it now? This wasn’t some “thug” selling loosies or cd’s, though those things shouldn’t be considered justified. This wasn’t someone resisting arrest, although not resisting doesn’t help either. This wasn’t a protester, though we supposedly have the right to peaceably assemble. This was a behavioral therapist. Doing his job. Caring for an autistic man.

Do you get it now? That could have been me.

That could have been me on a pastoral care visit. That could have been me meeting a spiritual direction client. That could have been me, chasing after any number of loved ones with autism trying to calm them and get them to a safe place. This was someone in a helping profession doing his…

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