Doubts, fears and questions…

07 Apr

This past Sunday at worship on “Doubting Thomas” Sunday. I used the ” ” because I don’t like that name. Thomas is said to have doubted when really all he did was question which is what all of us need to do. Well, this past Sunday I had the ushers pass out a piece of card stock to each adult, and at the end of the sermon I invited people to write down a thought, a question, a doubt or a fear. Something that came up from the sermon, or they had been thinking about or wondering over for years. I honestly thought I would get a few, I received 49 in the offering plates. And as I was reading over them and being moved by them, I thought I had to share them. They are all without identifying marks, and the ones that had names will not be included here. That is for me to know to respond or know to pray for them.

I share these to let you see that we are not alone in our struggles. Many of the things written here I have struggled with, and many of us have, are or will struggle with.

I also share them here because of the honesty. That is what we need more of today. Honesty with ourselves and our relationships.


I doubt I am strong enough

I doubt I will be able to forgive those that have hurt me

That my family will ever get ahead (take 1 step forward then 2 back)

I doubt I could ever put God before my children as Abraham was tested to do

I doubt that I will ever find true happiness

I doubt trump will winI doubt our elected officials will do what they promise.

Nothing and everything

I often doubt myself. Despite all logic and what I see and believe, things said to me in the past still stick to my heart

I doubt if my spouse  will be attending worship service with me soon. I am not giving up God has a plan

Being good at my job. Being a good parent to my child when I am struggling myself.

Life after death

That my health will get better

I will develop the patients I know I should have

I doubt I will get into a good college


I doubt I have achieved all I can

find lasting love

creation in 6 days

I doubt that the way I live my life will be acceptable to God

will my son think I am a good parent (he is 2 right now)

I have doubts about whether my family should have another child. We have 3 beautiful children now. Should we stop?

Being a good man

If our money will be enough for us to live on until we die

I doubt that I will get out of debt, but I am trying

I doubt cancer will be wiped out

I doubt war will ever be resolved

I doubt that there is enough good in the world to overcome the “evil”/radicals especially trying to raise children and want them to grow up strong and not scared/doubt their life

I doubt I will be able to lead my family in faith so they can do the same for their family someday

I doubt I will be able to live my dreams of traveling to see my ancestors homeland

I doubt I will ever be a success after college

I doubt my grandma will heal from cancer



I fear I won’t be able to stay clean and sober the rest of my life

I fear frogs.

Fear of not being forgiven

Satan will win


I fear I am not as good a father/husband as I could be



Will I do what is right to leave my children

Why did God pick me for Parkinsons? Why? What did I do?

I will see Social Security


Our Government

More than one step

Will our country choose the president best for us

How can God always hear all of our prayers when there are millions of people praying to Him

is God with me at all times and does He protect me

Why is there depression

Is there anything after death

Intentions of our political leaders



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2 responses to “Doubts, fears and questions…

  1. Bernard Shuford

    2016/04/09 at 20:51

    I think what frustrates me most about religious leaders is the tendency to toss out pat, programmed answers to hypothetical questions in order to avoid the real questions and the fact that there often are NO answers.

    • asacredrebel

      2016/04/09 at 20:56

      Jesus never gave us the answers.
      Do not be unbelieving but believe.
      Do not be untrusting but trust.
      Do not be unfaithful but faithful.
      He is always with us even when we can’t understand how or why.


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