“Return to Sender” or “Some Churches Just Don’t Want Pastors (at Least Not the Pastors the Seminaries are Producing), and Some Pastors Just Don’t Want the Churches We’ve Produced”

Posted: 2016/03/31 in Thoughts and Wonderings

This is worth the read!

Reluctant Xtian

2165374689_0c605b8e92_bTransparency note: my bias is toward pastors in these situations, mostly because that’s my vantage point.  That being said, I do recognize that it is really difficult when someone comes in and starts changing things a community has held dear for centuries.  I welcome all responses.

This last week I heard another example; it was the second time in as many weeks. I heard about another colleague who had received an anonymous note or had been the recipient of anonymous passive-aggressive behavior from someone at the church who was disgruntled about something.  They were crestfallen.

Actually, I hear about these incidents a lot.  An image of Sisyphus always comes to my mind when I hear about these incidents, because that’s exactly what it feels like to get feedback you can’t do anything with. Anonymity provides the critique without the accountability…

Quick aside: speaking from experience, anonymous feedback is the worst kind…

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  1. SG says:

    Speaking from the congregational side, my experience with a new pastor is that they come with their own agenda and do not take in to account the past history and current climate in the congregation they are coming to and some in the upper escelon at ELCA promote the disconnect.

    • asacredrebel says:

      I think the article speaks to that. Both the new pastor and the congregation must be open and willing to hear the history and tradition but also move forward. It can’t be my way or the highway, it should be God’s way.

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