01 Feb

“To improve your prayer life, understand that it’s not meant to be just a time to ‘put all your begs in one ask it!’” ~Dr. Mark Vitalis Hoffman

Have you ever been asked to pray in public for something? I have. It happens all the time, as soon as I walk into the room, it is like no one else there is qualified to say a prayer. And the best place to ask for someone to pray is a room full of pastors! It is like a classroom when a teacher asks who wants to answer the question. Head down, don’t make eye contact, don’t move, don’t breath, as that might be mistaken for volunteering!

download (1)This year during Lent our confirmation youth will be studying the Lord’s Prayer. And like during Advent where we as a congregation joined them on learning about the Apostles Creed, we will join them in learning about the Lord’s Prayer.

We will walk through this prayer, and dig into the details of it and what it means.

For instance, did you know there are 5 different versions of the Lord’s Prayer? 2 of them are in the New Testament, one in Matthew and one in Luke. And did you know that the Contemporary version of the Lord’s Prayer was translated 28 years ago!

Do we actually know what we are saying when we pray the Lord’s Prayer, and are we supposed to be saying that prayer word for word or was is given to the disciples as a model so they would all be able to pray and give Jesus a break at meal time?

Join us and dig deeper into the Lord’s Prayer. And see you don’t have to be a deer in the headlights when someone asks you to pray!

May God bless as we enter Lent and help us all to grow in our discipleship and closer to Him.


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