01 Dec

What is your focus this season of Advent?

Are you looking at your calendar wondering how you will make all the events you and your family have fit into the amount of days we have?

Are you looking at your bank account wondering if you can squeeze all the money you need out to get everything everybody wants?

Are you worried about keeping up with the Jones, or the Smiths, or the _______(insert name of your neighbor here)?

Remember what this season of Advent is, and why we celebrate it. It is about waiting and expecting. Not about waiting on the perfect gift and expecting to get everything we want. It is about waiting for and expecting a savior.

Mary and JosephLook at this picture and really see what it says. Pay super close attention to the details and what it is portraying.

Remember to focus on the coming of Jesus, as we await his birth, and still await His returning. Pay attention to Him and what He is leading us to do


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