He who dies with the most toys… leaves them here!

17 Oct

chasingDo not be afraid when some become rich,
when the wealth of their houses increases.
For when they die they will carry nothing away;
their wealth will not go down after them.
Though in their lifetime they count themselves happy
—for you are praised when you do well for yourself—
they will go to the company of their ancestors,
who will never again see the light.
Mortals cannot abide in their pomp;
they are like the animals that perish.
(Psalm 49:16-20, NRSV)

Do not seek to make more for yourself here unless that is to help further the kingdom of God.

And do not be jealous of others when their wealth increases, because no matter ow many toys you have, you can’t take them with you!

Do not count yourself happy because of your possessions, but count yourself happy that you are known by God and are chosen by Him to be His child!


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