“We are Groot.”

31 Jul

A wonderful post and worth the read

A Day with Grace & Hope

The movie Guardians of the Galaxy features an eclectic team of characters. There is the human self-proclaimed “Star Lord” leading the way. There is Gamora, adopted daughter of the bad guy. There is Drax, the brute strength of the operation seeking revenge against noted bad guy. And then there is the genetically-altered talking raccoon Rocket and his sidekick Groot. Groot is a tree who moves and sort of talks. His only words are “I am Groot.” He has the ability to grow quickly and uses this ability in a variety of ways to fight and protect the team.

At the climax of the movie the team is about to crash land in a giant space ship. There is not much hope. Groot, however, starts scooping up the team one by one. He gathers them together in a small circle and begins to grow around them. He grows a thick protective…

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