The Holy Trinity – Sunday – May 31, 2015 by Kenn Storck

31 May

It is Holy Trinity Sunday.
Time to dust off the Dogmatics.
Speak of God as H-2-0:
water with three parts –
mist, liquid, ice.

Or a three leaf clover will do
to disclose the Three-In-One.

Why do we bother with
images, icons, projections of God
worthy to be shattered
by the mystery unsolved?

How dare we define the Divine,
Domesticate the Godhead?

Go ahead: Draw your pictures,
Color your triangles,
Speak of the Three-In-One,
And the One-In-Three.

Use the Athanasian Creed litmus test
Of Father / Son / Spirit.
But all the while do not trust
The limit of language,
The confinement of metaphor,
The simplicity of simile.

The Ancients knew
One could not be
In the presence of the living God
And live.

Moses beholds God’s backside,
Jeremiah – God’s fingers in his mouth,
Isaiah God’s robe and a hot coal.

The Christ confined in flesh,
Spirit unmanageable,

Expand do not contract God
For God is the Great Iconoclast.

And we at last
With Job
Stand in the Divine Presence
Jaws dropping
In muted wonder.

Kenn Storck / May 25, 2015

Used with permisssion copyright @apoemasunday by Pr. Kenn Storck.


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